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Expert consultant services for installing, creating and managing Virtual World Simulators.

What is a Virtual World Simulator?

We use Unity3D or Opensim software to create 3D simulated environments to suit your needs for visualisation, immersion and experiential projects. These 3D virtual spaces can run on your own inhouse equipment or be installed on external dedicated servers to allow access by multiple users via the internet from anywhere in the world 24/7. We can also arrange simple monthly rental access to SIM islands through Anisphere using the opengrid network.

3D simulators can be used to emulate real world objects, buildings, landscapes, processes, basic physics, particle generators, terrains and landscapes, skies with clouds, sunrises and sunsets. You can build sophisticated models with the inworld tools, upload textures or animations and control the objects and proceseses using the object oriented script engine.
Unity3D and Opensim simulator software are the most powerful and flexible operating environments currently available. They are being rapidly adopted as the world standard for all virtual world simulators. OpenSim provides avatar characters for navigating, flying or walking around your world. Avatar characters can be modified in a host of ways to suit the look or style that suits your needs.

Text Chat or real time Voice is available for comunicating with others inworld. Powerful Video and audio streaming facilities provide an ideal tool for providing information to inworld participants. The whole environment is rich with interactive multimedia facilties. Ideal for live meetings and conferences, staff training, design and visualisation projects.

AniGlobe consultants are available to help design, train and create the virtual world that suits the applications, projects and environments you require.

AniGlobe establishes tailored made complete simulator systems for professional use as standalone inhouse sims or on dedicated external servers for controlled access over the internet.

AniGlobe can supply Avatar Clothing, Building services and supplies, Terraforming and Landscaping, Script development, live meeting support services, ongoing management or special event consultants.

If you simply want to rent a SIM with no initial support from our consultant services please visit Anisphere.com You can rent SIM islands on a monthly basis. Should you need support services feel free to contact AniGlobe at any time.

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Contact us today to establish your own exclusive 3D Simulator! We provide all the info and goods you need to get started. It's easy, effective, inexpensive and a whole lot of fun for your staff and clients!

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