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Crystal Mobius - Play for Free : Attack of the Crystal Goddess Droids
« Arrow Keys to Move and turn | Z X Keys look up/down | Space to Jump | CTRL to Shoot | C V change angle | F G power up/down | Also WSAD to move »

(* please note this is a dev preview only - full game in production - Tell us what you think? *)

Thank you for visiting our dimension.

Our Cryomosis generators are being drained by the crystal goddess droids. Their droidbots and shiny crystals steal our natural energy.

We urgently need your help to clear all the crystalizations.

  • Land on each mobius generator, move around and smash into the diamonds or use your cryoray to clear each one.
  • Chase and destroy as many crystal droids as you can.
  • Destroy as many crystals and droid energy stations as you can
  • Have fun with crystals!
Warning: Do not make contact with the droids, your Shields will be damaged and you will lose energy.
  • Success: Energy reaches 100% all generators active
  • Failure: All Shields fail or mission time runs out
  • Bonus: 5000 and an extra Shield for each Mobius cleared. Time lost vs energy freed (end of game)
Collect and clear diamonds by shooting with your cryotherm ray. Much can be achieved by aiming your energy and shooting, but in order to clear each energy plant of diamonds you will need to jump onto each one and move around it to reach all the diamonds. Be careful, they are made of a substance like your ice, the levitator craft gives you a very good grip, but it is slippery at the edges. Fortunately, gravity is much less dense in our dimension.

This is the first level of the full game.
Tell us what you think?

Need a little stress relief?
Crystal Mobius is a simple and classic kind of FPS game, with its own creative and artistic twists...
(a noticable lack of blood and body parts). Have fun! that's what it's for! | Yu Yanji | Ani Globe | Anisphere | Teach Media | Sqwark Me | Alerted News

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