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Eddy (dev only): Where did all the money go?
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(* please note this is a dev preview only - full game release end 2012 - Tell us what you think? *)

Eddy is sad and angry, his suburb has been drained of all its color. Now there are just annoying signs and everyone is selling up or going out of business.

Eddy wants to know where all the money went and where all the bullshit is coming from.

Eddy must clear as much of the bullshit as he can, he recieves 1 piece of silver for each one cleared. He will need at least 30 pieces of silver before he can get access to 1% Land inside the great walled garden.

He must also collect all the required forms from the government and all the copyright licenses he can find on his way through corporateville. Failure to get all the objects he need means he will fail when he tries to enter 1% Land and be sent back to the start again to clear more bullshit.

Once he makes it to 1%Land, he must find out what is causing all the trouble. He must destroy the bad investments and cripple the moneysuckers to free the peoples money and bring back the color and prosperity to his world.

Eddy Everyman is a quirky social comment by artist Aileron and the Aniglobe group. Aileron created the characters Eddy Everyman and Sally Somebody in 2012 This is Eddy's first adventure with several more in the pipeline. Inspired by political cartoons, Aileron wanted to bring social and political cartooning into the interactive games world.

(* please note this is a dev preview only - full game release end 2012 - Tell us what you think? *) | Yu Yanji | Ani Globe | Anisphere | Teach Media | Anpatha Massage | Sqwark Me | Alerted News

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