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AniGlobe consultants - We Build Virtual Worlds.

Please fill in the form below for all sales inquiries. Please describe the nature of your interest and any details you feel are relevant. A consultant will contact you ASAP. All our services are provided by quotation after analysis of the best and most cost effective solution to your needs.

If you simply want to rent a SIM with no initial support from our consultant services please visit Anisphere.com You can rent SIM islands on a monthly basis. Should you need support services feel free to contact AniGlobe at any time.

AniGlobe establishes tailored made complete simulator systems for use as standalone inhouse sims or on dedicated external servers for secure membership access over the internet. Your own private virtual world ready to build.

AniGlobe can supply Avatar Clothing, Building supplies, Terraforming and Landscaping services, Script development, live meeting support services, ongoing management or special event consultants.

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Contact us today to establish your own exclusive 3D Simulator! We provide all the info and goods you need to get started. It's easy, effective, inexpensive and a whole lot of fun for your staff and clients!

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