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3D virtual world simulators provide ideal architectural tools for displaying your designs.

The Architects Sandbox
* Free demo tour with a consultant upon request

Opensim virtual world environments provide extraordinary tools for displaying mock ups and vsualizations of your current projects and designs.

Imagine! - being able to quickly construct a full 3D mockup of a design concept in a rich virtual world environment and sharing it with other staff or clients anywhere in the world 24/7.

Imagine! - Walking with your staff, colleagues or clients around your designs in 3D. Viewing it at sunrise, midday, sunset or nightime. Walk or fly, inside or outside. Change the landscape and terrain.

Imagine! - Having tools to change the color or material of a wall instantly, move it to a different position, widen or narrow an entrance in real time, to show clients the possibilities, potentials or possible solutions to design issues in a full virtual world environment. No need for the client to come to your office, you can meet with them online in real time!

Imagine! - providing access models and solutions or design projects and being able to demonstrate them in real time to the other planners, project managers and clients. Imagine this space being accessible from anywhere in the world 24/7 by anyone you allow access.

3D Virtual world simulators provide a host of tools and functions that can take your ideas and give them form and allow others to get a real world feel for how they are going to look and function. Ideal for town planners, developers, architects, builders, access consultants and a host of other industry related professions.

The 3D tools are simple, powerful and easy to use. The applications and potentials are as vast as your imagination! Aniglobe can provide the staff, training and expert consultancy resources to make your environment come to life! We can establish your own inhouse virtual SIMs, setup your own dedicated external sim servers or simply arrange rental of a temprorary sim space through Anipshere.

AniGlobe consultants are available to help establish, design, train and create the virtual environment to suit the applications and projects you have in mind. With a few training sessions you will quickly be able to manage and utilise the powerful tools built into your simulator.

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Contact us today to establish your own exclusive 3D Simulator! We provide all the info and goods you need to get started. It's easy, effective, inexpensive and a whole lot of fun for your staff and clients!

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